Bielsa names one thing Leeds are ‘worried’ about despite first Prem win

Bielsa names one thing Leeds are 'worried' about despite first Prem win

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Date published: Saturday 19th September 2020 5:57

Marcelo Bielsa insists Leeds’ standards did not drop, despite them nearly giving up a three-goal lead against Fulham – but he is worried about one thing.

Leeds marked the return of Premier League football to Elland Road with their first win of the season, this time coming out on the right end of another 4-3 scoreline after last week’s loss at Liverpool.

Bielsa’s side found themselves 4-1 up at one stage, but Fulham ensured it was a nervous end to the game by pulling two goals back.

And the Leeds boss admits his side struggled to find their usual fluidity – but he does not think the narrowing scoreline means they started playing poorly.

He told BT Sport: “It was a difficult game, it was difficult for us to defend and to attack and it was difficult for us to impose our style on our opponents.

“In the first half we allowed them to play out from the back too easily and even though we didn’t defend too badly, we couldn’t attack.

“In the second half after 4-1 they reduced the scoreline in a short amount of time but it was becase they played well rather than we played badly. From then on, we played well.”

Leeds certainly haven’t been shy in front of goal since their return to the Premier League, with seven goals across two games so far.

But Bielsa is not sure why his side have become more efficient.

“There’s no particular motive for why we’re so efficient,” he said later at his press conference. “Normally we need to create a lot to score goals and the opposite is happening. It’s not something definitive.”


Bielsa names one thing Leeds are 'worried' about despite first Prem win

Bielsa gave club record signing Rodrigo his full league debut for the club after starting the Carabao Cup loss to Hull, but the striker did not last the full game this time.

And that’s because of his fitness, according to Bielsa.

“He did a very good game against Hull from a physical standpoint,” the manager said of Rodrigo.

“I’m talking from a physical standpoint because the whole team did not play well against Hull.

“I thought that he could replicate that physical performance then he could have created a lot of danger against Fulham.

“I was under the impression that he lacked a bit of energy to show his qualities.

“I think that has something to do with the physical effort he used against Hull. That’s why I decided to sub him.

“From a physical standpoint it was a very hard game for our attackers.”


Bielsa names one thing Leeds are 'worried' about despite first Prem win

At the other end of the pitch, Leeds have conceded seven goals as well – and Bielsa admits that their defensive record so far is a concern.

“We are worried,” he said.

“It’s not like thing we don’t expect to happen. The goals we have received there is nothing surprising in conceding these type of goals.

“As the competition goes on I think we will be able to improve our defence.

“We will identify why these errors happened and work on stopping these difficulties happening again.”


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