Hop into Easter Joy: Eggcellent Gift Ideas for Bouncing Kids!


As the lilies bloom and the peeps come out of hiding, we find ourselves on the advent of yet another Easter. The holiday known for chocolate bunnies, robust ham dinners, and, of course, the Easter Egg Hunt extraordinaire! As a parent, Easter gives us the perfect excuse to load up our darlings with delightful goodies and an assortment of Easter basket fillers. But, let’s face it folks — it’s an egg-citing struggle every single year as we rummage through the same old, same old. So I’ve taken the liberty to put together a guide to keep your kiddo’s Easter basket fresh and fun.

Welcome to the most egg-cellent Easter Kids’ Gift Guide. We’re talkin’ 35 unique presents that’ll have your little bunnies ‘hip-hop-hooraying’ all the way to next year. Toys, books, clothes, and its-all-about-the-experience gifts- I’m your Easter Bunny this year and trust me, I come bearing gifts. So pop on your festive bonnet and, if you’re channeling Fraiser Crane from favorite ’90s sitcom, grab an easter egg latte, because we’re diving down the rabbit hole.

Readers, keep calm and carrot on. We’re about to make this Easter absolutely unforgettable with gift suggestions that’ll leave you and your children hopping with joy.

1. LEGO Easter Bunny: LEGOs and Easter, together at last! This adorable buildable rabbit is sure to keep the kiddos engaged and smiling. While you could step on a piece after, remember, it’s all about making this Easter ‘blocky’ and fun!

2. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Basket: This basket comes packed with five magical creatures hidden within the eggs. Ideal for the kids who like to unbox surprises. And let’s face it—who doesn’t love a good surprise?

3. Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons: Perfect for tiny hands honing fine motor skills! A perfect way to craft their first spring flower…or abstract Picasso-esque masterpiece!

4. Bunny Onesie: Comfy and cuddly, this is perfect for Easter Sunday chillin’. If your child ends up wearing it every night for the next six months, don’t blame me- I’m just the messenger.

5. EggMazing Egg Decorator Kit: Let’s add a spin (literally) to the old egg-dying tradition. Requires less mess and more creativity, resulting in some stunning eggs. But let’s be egg-stra careful with the dyes, shall we?

6. National Geographic Break-Open Geode Kit: For your little scientist-to-be, this kit provides an exciting twist to the Easter egg hunt. No candy inside, but stunning crystals!

7. Walkie-Talkies: Let’s jazz up the traditional treasure hunt by adding some spice and ‘over-and-out’ to the mix. Channel your family’s inner Stranger Things squad.

8. Billy’s Best Bottled Egg Wash: Are your eggs fashionistas in disguise? This egg wash is natural, safe, and allows kiddos to add sparkle to their Easter crafts. Watch out; your egg might land a Vogue cover.

9. Cuddle & Kind Hand-Knitted Doll: Get ready to welcome a new buddy. Plus, every purchase helps feed children in need. That’s a win in my Easter book!

10. How to Catch the Easter Bunny Book: A fun tale for bedtime reading. Forget the Tooth Fairy; the Easter Bunny is in town!

11. Hydroflask Kids Water Bottle: Quench more than just their thirst for Easter goodies. Plus, you’re boosting their environmental consciousness.

12. Lush Easter Bath Bomb: Now, this is a literal egg-splosion of fun and colors. Don’t get too splashed!

13. Quin Candy’s Flavored Marshmallows: Easter without marshmallows? That’d be like ET without his bicycle.

14. Dr. Seuss’s My Many Colored Days: Color their Easter with moods and feelings. Not that we’re preparing for a mini Monet, but who knows?

15. Personalized Name Puzzle: A fun way to get your child familiarized with their name. Enjoy spelling ‘Daenerys Targaryen’ if that’s your angle.

16. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set: Easter fun can also be educational. Great for building skills and castles!

17. Chalk Set: Set them free on the pavement with their Easter inspirations. Rest assured, it’s washable if a mini Banksy emerges!

18. “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes” Book: A classic tale for the holiday. Nothing says Easter like a courageous bunny.

19. Reflective Thinking Shape-Maze: An egg-cellent way for problem-solving and motor skills development. Warning: might cause adults to become puzzle addicts.

20. Bunny & Carrot Pull-Along: Perfect for the tots! Watch them enjoy as bunny hops along. Just keep an eye on them, we wouldn’t want any lost bunnies.

21. Outdoor Explorer Set: Spark your child’s love for nature. Remember, the real world is much more interesting than TV!

22. PAW Patrol Chase’s Transforming Police Cruiser: Unleash their inner crime fighter, with a pup-tastic twist!

23. LEGO Dots Creative Picture Frames: Make their Easter creative and memorable. Put up a picture, maybe of an Easter egg hunt triumph?

24. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon: Replace the Easter basket with a classic red wagon. Cute, practical, and an immediate upgrade to childhood photos!

25. Bunny Ear Hair Clips: Let your kiddo channel that bunny energy this Easter. Grandma can’t resist a cute, floppy-eared photo op!

26. Trampoline: hop, hop, hooray! A higher level of Easter joy! Just be sure you’ve got a spotter out back.

27. Space Cadet Top and Shorts: Lets your future astronaut carry the spring theme while looking cooler than the other side of the pillow. Because who said space and Easter don’t mix?

28. Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Motorized Toy Train: Roll into the Easter fun! Ensure the ‘Play’ signs are up on the tracks!

29. Bunny Hop Dance Game: Get your kids shaking their bunny tails. Let’s just hope your junior isn’t as competitive as Monica Geller.

30. Easter Egg Decorator Dye Kit: Going old-school with egg decorating? You can’t go wrong. Just keep the dog away!

31. ‘Outfoxed’ Game: A detective-themed, fun board game. Perfect for Easter and family game nights alike!

32. BeatBuddy Mini Drum Machine Pedal: Let’s egg-cite their music-loving side. Get ready for an Easter rock concert at home!

33. Easter Egg Slime: Fun, squishy and perfectly festive. Keep them thoroughly entertained, and slightly gooey!

34. Garden Tool Set: This set can get your little one to help with gardening. Easter bunny might appreciate their hard work.

35. Ryan’s World Chocolate Egg Surprise: Last, but not least, the classic- chocolate and surprise toy! Well, we couldn’t leave it off the list, could we now?

At the end of the day, Easter’s about having fun with the family, and these presents can certainly make it a memorable event. So, there you have it folks! Your unofficial road map to becoming your kids’ favorite Easter Bunny.