Getting Ready For Big Brother Naija 2020 Application | Tips You Should Know

Getting Ready For Big Brother Naija 2020 Application

Getting Ready For Big Brother 2020 Application: Without any clue, the organisers of Big Brother Naija reality TV show; MultiChoice Nigeria announced the return of the reality show for its fifth season.

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The world is currently plagued by a severe pandemic, the first this generation has had. The COVID-19 has placed many businesses, shows, occasions etc. on a hold.

This year’s audition will be held via online mediums and for free. Among other requirements, applicants must be above 21 years of age with a valid Nigerian passport.

The deadline for the application is 1st June 2020. Before giving you tips to have for the Big Brother audition, below are the BBN 5 Eligibility.

Requirements To Apply For Big Brother Naija Season 5

Below are most of the requirements to be eligible for the BBN season 5.

  1. You must be at least 21 years old before 1st June 2020.
  2. Applicants must be in excellent health and mental conditions.
  3. Applicants must be ready to live with strangers in the BBN house located at Lagos with little or no privacy.
  4. Applicants must be Nigerian citizens, either permanent or residents before 1st June 2020
  5. Applicants must have a valid Nigerian passport and other authentic identities.

After application, if the organisers select you, they will reach out to you via your email. Ensure to fill your correct email details. The next phase of the audition is no later than 15th June 2020. You should be available for a video interview on the date given to you. If you receive no email before 15th June, it means you weren’t selected.

For the semifinals, the selected ones should be ready to travel to Lagos for the event at the time specified by the organisers. The organisers will handle the fees for Economy travel and hotel accommodations.

How To Submit Your Video | Guidelines

You are required to record a two-minute video clip of yourself stating reasons you should be chosen for the BBN season 5.

After getting your video ready, you are to fill the online registration form and then upload the clip.

Below are the guidelines for the video.

  1. The video must be at most 2 minutes in recording time.
  2. The 2 minutes video should end with the complete sentence “I would make perfect housemates because………
  3. Avoid all forms of filters, copyrighted music, special effects, background music etc. It should be natural.
  4. State your Name, Email and Phone Number in the video audibly.
  5. When describing yourself, endeavour to mention real-life examples. A good story entices the organisers.
  6. Big Brother Naija Organisers want to know you well, be as natural as, state how you will interact in the house and how your life experiences will help you win.
  7. Speak loudly and be audible.
  8. No need for making a skit or putting on any costume. BBN want to meet the real you.
  9. State your personality, especially where you are from and your region—state how these will help you win the competition.
  10. Mention your jobs, your skills, what you do. These are all part of your personality.
  11. Hold your camera steady.
  12. If you are shooting indoors, make sure the room is well lit and sufficient lights in front of your face.
  13. Shoot your video during the day.
  14. Avoid background noise. An ambient place will do the drill.
  15. Shoot a landscape (horizontal) style, not portrait (vertical).
  16. Your video may be shown on TV. Shoot the video exactly how you see on TVs.

Another tip I have noticed is, if possible have a little fan base, they may ask.

Good luck, I’ll be happy if you get in.


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