Design Delights: Unwrapping the Perfect Blueprints for Architectural Gifts


A wise man once said, “Give a man, who happens to be an architect, a Lego set, and he’ll keep busy for a day. Give him the Conqueror, the world’s most challenging 3D-model replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and he might just join you for dinner at your place next week. Architects, known for their precision, spatial understanding, and creativity, can be challenging to shop for. Their taste can be as complex as the buildings they design, so fear not- we got you covered for the architect in your life.

Whether it’s for your spouse who spent a painstaking amount of hours perfecting the blueprint of your dream home, your friend who rates every coffee shop based on the aesthetics and ergonomics rather than just the coffee, or your child who has just walked across the stage, proudly holding their architectural degree. This guide aims to inspire and excite, while making gift shopping for architects an effortless endeavor.

After much research, coffee sipping, and consultations with architects (from the eyebrow-raising unconventional to the hat-tip-to-the-classics type), we’ve curated a balanced list of 35 unique gifts that would make even the most stoic architect smile while appreciating their waterfall of thoughtfulness.

1. LEGO Architecture Studio: No self-respecting architect can resist the charm of building with Lego! This set, with its monochromatic bricks and inspirational guidebook, is less about aeroplanes and space cruises, and more about exploring architectural principles.

2. The Architecture of Happiness book: Penned by philosopher Alain De Botton, this book marries architecture and philosophy in a thought-provoking way. The only drawback is if they side-eye every corner of your house after this!

3. Pantone Swatch Book: Ideal for the color connoisseur architect, this gift can help fuel their creativity while ensuring they don’t miss any shade under the sun… or under the design studio’s artificial lights!

4. Frank Lloyd Wright Chess Set: A blend of strategy and style, this unique chess set inspired by the iconic architect can jazz up game nights.

5. Pop Chart Lab- “The Diagram of Architecture”: This poster contains a visual history of architectural styles. Be warned; it might start more architectural history debates than you bargained for!

6. Moleskine Classic Notebook: Trust us! You can never go wrong with a Moleskine for an architect. Every creative idea, on-the-fly sketch, or even coffee order begins here.

7. Portable Espresso Maker: Caffeine is a known friend to architects. This travel-friendly espresso maker can help them get through long nights of designing and rendering.

8. T-square Necklace: A jewelry piece that only fellow architects would identify. It’s like a secret handshake but with style!

9. LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection: Each set lets architects recreate famed city skylines. Hopefully, it would be a pleasant distraction rather than a nightmare of putting together microscopic bricks.

10. 3D Printing Pen: Let their creativity flow beyond paper; this gift allows them to build mini architectural prototypes!

11. Rotring Rapid PRO Technical Drawing Pen: Precision is everything for an architect. These sleek pens allow that to the nth degree.

12. ‘Architecture: Form, Space, and Order’ book by Francis D.K. Ching: A seminal architectural book. It will be like introducing them to a superstar!

13. Concrete Desk Organizer: Perfect for both practical and aesthetic needs.

14. Model Tree Figures: This makes for a quirky decorative addition to their workspace and a unique collective item.

15. Quality Architect Lamp: A must-have for any architect dealing with intricate designs and long working hours.

16. French Curve Set: Nothing says “architect” more than a set of French Curves. A classic drafting tool not to be overlooked!

17. Blueprint Coasters: Quite literally the building brick for their love for architecture. Plus, it protects the table!

18. Novelty Blueprint Pencils: Injects a bit of whimsy into their sketching routine.

19. Scale Architectural Drawing Template Set: Saves architects time by providing them with pre-drawn symbols that are used frequently in floorplan layout.

20. Inspirational Architecture Coffee Table Book: Offers a visual feast and well-needed inspiration for architects.

21. Hand-held Laser Distance Measurer: Offers precision and convenience that architects would appreciate, especially onsite.

22. Eamesi Chair Coaster Set: Coasters inspired by famous chairs designs- a chic and functional gift.

23. Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II Watch: A stylish watch designed with explorers and architects in mind with features like a compass, altimeter, and solar power.

24. Sketching Set for the Architect: A gift that most architects will cherish and use daily.

25. Architecture-themed Cufflinks: A sure way to instill a sense of camaraderie among architect colleagues at a party.

26. Vitra Miniature Chair Collection: Collectible miniature versions of iconic chairs they can use to decorate their workspace.

27. ArchiTech Sketchpad: A wonderful blend of technology and sketching for the modern-day architect.

28. Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking: For the foodie architect, engaging their love for design and details in a culinary context.

29. Travel Map: Perfect for the architect with a thing for geography and wanderlust.

30. Architectural Sculpture: Makes for a thoughtful present and a conversation starter.

31. Concrete Pendant Lights: These merge the quintessential architect’s material – concrete with bold design.

32. Casio Pro-Trek Outdoor Smartwatch: Ideal for the architect who also is an adventure enthusiast.

33. The Guggenheim Puzzle to challenge their spatial skills.

34. The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings book: A visionary book that can rekindle love and hope for the profession.

35. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers: Expensive, but they’ll help translate ideas in the architect’s mind to vibrant sketches on the paper.

The love architects have for their profession is palpable and contagious, whether they’re busy sketching a blueprint, eyeing structures while travelling, or expressing their love for design. These unique gift ideas are intended to complement their architectural journey, inspire them, and maybe add a little fun along the way. So good luck with your shopping, and here’s to hoping the architect in your life loves your gift!