Winging It: Feather Your Nest with the Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to drum up the perfect presents for the bird lovers in your life, well, you’ve come to the right place! And don’t let the term “bird lover” confuse you. We’re not talking about people who love fat Thanksgiving turkeys or Kentucky’s fried chicken. Nope, we’re talking about individuals who would get up at 4 AM to broadcast your name on Twitter (yes, pun intended!) if you took them bird watching.

We love that you love them, and we love helping people find amazing gifts. So, let’s get to the meat of the matter; flap those wings and prepare to dive into a list with more charm, thoughtfulness, and bird-punny humor than a Parliament of owls in a stand-up comedy club. Of course, we won’t shy from pointing out the potential downsides because, well, no one likes to open a gift and find a cuckoo (unless we’re talking about cuckoo clocks, in which case… spoiler alert!).

Ready to fly into the first gift suggestion?

1. **Bird-watching Binoculars**: Every bird lover would appreciate a pair of high-power binoculars to spot those elusive feathered friends up close. Just ensure they don’t start trying to peep into the neighbor’s yard—we don’t want any *Rear Window* situations.

2. **Custom-made Birdhouse**: A hand-painted, custom-made birdhouse would look fantastic in their backyard. Plus, it’s a great way to support local woodworking artists. The only downside—bird poop. Lots and lots of bird poop.

3. **Bird Identification Book**: A guidebook with images and information about different bird species. Fun, educational, and handy for answering, “what the heck is that bird?” during those early morning walks.

4. **National Geographic Birding Essentials**: This covers everything from bird behavior to bird conservation. However, be ready for an onslaught of bird facts every conversation.

5. **Bird Jigsaw Puzzle**: Perfect for indoor days. However, keep an eye out for missing pieces, or you may end up with a one-legged flamingo.

6. **Stylish Bird Scarf**: A fashionable accessory for bird lovers. But be warned, they may start acting all high and mighty, like some peacock.

7. **Handmade Bird Earrings**: Cute and lightweight. But they may get tangled in hair like a crow in a windstorm.

8. **Birdwatcher’s Digest Magazine Subscription**: A monthly love letter for bird lovers. Filled with fascinating stories, articles, and stunning photography. But remember, their mailbox might end up heavier than a fat goose.

9. **Wild Bird Seed Mix**: It attracts beautiful birds but also attracts squirrels ready to crash the party.

10. **Hanging Bird Feeder**: Perfect for entertaining birds in the backyard. But also perfect for inviting a chaos-causing squirrel rave.

11. **Glass Window Bird Feeder**: Great for up-close bird viewing. But, you might end up with surprise bird ‘selfies’ on your squeaky-clean windows.

12. **Bird-themed Coffee Mug**: Ideal for sipping their preferred brew. But, don’t be surprised if they start chirping before their caffeine intake.

13. **Bird-themed Calendars**: A year-round reminder of their avian love. But be ready for incessant reminders of the bird of the month.

14. **Bird Sound Alarm Clock**: Wakes them up to the sound of their favorite birdsong. But if they choose a rooster sound, be prepared for early morning faux farm life.

15. **Bird Watching Logbook**: Assists in recording bird sightings. However, they might morph into an avian detective, making stakeouts their weekend plan.

16. **Birds of America Book by John James Audubon**: An iconic classic for bird lovers. But, they might try to recreate Audubon’s bird-paintings at home.

17. **Hummingbird Swing**: A cute resting spot for speedy hummingbirds. But beware, your yard might turn into a hummingbird pub with too much swing traffic.

18. **Bird Call Whistles**: Fun for engaging with birds. But, they might end up accidentally calling migratory birds from Canada.

19. **Bird Playing Cards**: Great for game nights! Bet they can’t play a bird in poker, though.

20. **Bird Bath**: A thoughtful gift to entice more birds into their backyard. However, forecasting a wet and wild garden mess might be a safe bet.

21. **Bird-watching Vest**: Practical gift full of storage pockets. But don’t blame us if they start voguing in their new vest.

22. **Replica Vintage Bird Prints**: Amazing wall art for bird buffs. Just check if they have wall space left.

23. **Birdsong Sound Machine**: Lets them enjoy bird sounds indoors. But if they set it on loop, you might feel you’re living in an aviary.

24. **Bird Origami Kit**: Creative gift to make their bird models. However, don’t let them fill up the house with bird art, or you might need to navigate like a pigeon.

25. **Bird Inspired Necklace**: Crafty and elegant. But don’t be surprised if they start quoting *The Birds*, channeling their inner Tippi Hedren.

26. **Audible ‘The Genius of Birds’ Audiobook**: Intellectual and insightful. But their incessant sharing of factoids might flock your ears.

27. **Bird Shaped Wine Decanter**: Creative and fancy. But remember, they can’t just tweet away a hangover the next day.

28. **Bird Watching Chair**: Comfortable and clever. But they might occasionally mistake you for a bird if you sit too long.

29. **Hiking Boots**: Perfect for those birding trails. But make sure they don’t try to trek up like Sir Edmund Hillary every weekend.

30. **Portable Bird Habitat**: Lets them carry a piece of nature wherever they travel. However, TSA might raise an eyebrow at a mini forest.

31. **Birdy Socks**: Cute gift, but, it might make your gift-ee feel like they’ve got talons instead of toes.

32. **Monocular Telescope**: Powerful and portable. Be prepared to pivot all your vacation destinations to “someplace with more birds!”

33. **Life-Size Bird Sticker Wall Decals**: A quirky adornment for their living room. But they might confuse the atmosphere for an Alfred Hitchcock movie set.

34. **Bird Watercolor Paint Set**: Unleash their creativity. However, you may end up modeling as a parrot for their painting study.

35. **Bird Song Doorbell**: An amusing spin on the classic doorbell. But, you might have to endure a singing sparrow chime each time someone’s at the door.

Picking out the perfect gift for bird lovers is all about understanding their feathered passion. Who knows, by the end of this, you might end up turning into a bird aficionado yourself. Now, stop chirping around—er, we mean dawdling, and go pick up that gift!