The Extraordinary Expeditions: Unwrapping the Ultimate Enigma of Gifting for the Invincible Collectors

Hey there, I know what you’re thinking. You’re peering through your long list of loved ones, sometimes mumbling to yourself “They already have everything! They’ve climbed every mountain, forded every stream, and built that freaking Swedish-inspired bookcase without uttering a single word of profanity. What more is there to give?!” I hear ya, I see ya, and I definitely understand.

I, too, know that feeling of despair lurking behind your eyes as you walk through the aisles of yet another hustle-and-bustle store “trying” to find the perfect gift. If only there was someone out there, a kind of Christmas miracle-worker, who could help navigate you through the fluffy stuff to the rare find… Well, ta-da! I am your new Christmas-Santa’s-helper miracle worker.

So, put your hands in mine— (sorry for the clammy hands, it’s genetic)— and relax feet-first into this magical sleigh ride of wonder I’ve conjured up, where you will discover a list of 35 unimaginable and surprisingly unique gifts for those hard-to-shop folks who already have everything.

1. Personalized Star Map – Nothing says unique like a map of the stars from a special night. Births, weddings, first dates. You can immortalize those moments with a custom star map.

2. AirPods Max – For the elite Apple enthusiast who has it all but probably doesn’t have these yet. These over-ear headphones have noise cancellation so strong they can drown out their abundance of possessions.

3. Sushezi Sushi Bazooka – For your sushi-obsessed friend who believes they have everything… but not a sushi bazooka, for sure!

4. A Cameo video – What’s better than a personalized message from their favorite C-list celebrity? Hilarious, unexpected, and certainly not something they already possess.

5. A Subscription to Masterclass – Because who wouldn’t want to learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay or acting from Natalie Portman?

6. Sips by – Tea subscription box for the die-hard tea enthusiast. It’s a galaxy of tea exploration that they’ll thank you for.

7. Dog DNA Test – For the dog lover who wants to answer the age-old question: What in dog’s world is Buster, anyway?

8. Top Notch, High-Falutin’ Yoga Mat – They might already own one, but it’s probably not as “top-notch and high-falutin'” as this one!

9. A skydiving experience – A gift that will definitely give them a story to tell. Just make sure they’re not afraid of heights.

10. Personalized Family Recipe Book – This is perfect to store grandma’s secret lasagna recipe and make it a family heirloom.

11. A Donation to Their Favorite Charity – It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

12. Paint Your Life – They turn your standard family pic into a hand-painted work of art. Bob Ross, eat your heart out!

13. Virtual Reality Headset – Because when you have everything, you might want to escape to a different universe sometimes.

14. Personalized Whiskey Barrel – Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s perfect for aging spirits or just being a conversation piece.

15. A Name a Roach certificate at Bronx Zoo – For the person who literally has everything, except a cockroach named after them.

16. Indoor Herb Garden – So they can boast about their homegrown pesto.

17. Tickets to see Hamilton – Because let’s admit it; even those who have everything can’t resist the magic of Broadway.

18. Sous Vide – For the one who has everything in the kitchen but this perfectly-temperatured water bath which guarantees perfectly-cooked meals every time.

19. Uncommon Goods’ Little Patient – The cutest toy for the medically curious; how about ripping out some tiny toy organs?

20. Home Slush & Shake maker – for those hot summer days when they have everything except a way to cool down.

21. Drone Rental License – Spice up their gadget list with a flying friend.

22. Virtual Room Remodel – For anyone who wants to see their room in a new light before making the commitment.

23. Karaoke microphone – Because who doesn’t want to spice up the parties with belting out their favorite songs?

24. The 1990 Something Nostalgia Gift Box – It can transport them back to the time when they didn’t have everything.

25. DIY Hot Sauce Kit – Because everyone likes a little spice in their life.

26. DNA Ancestry Kit – Maybe they’ll find out they’re indirectly related to Elvis. Or a potato. You never know.

27. A one-of-a-kind piece of art from Artfinder – No, not the $120,000 banana taped to a wall one.

28. Levitating Plant Pot – Low maintenance gardening leveled up. Literally.

29. Airbnb Gift Card – When they have everything, give them everywhere.

30. Tesla Cybertruck – Sure it’s a little over-the-top, but hey, they don’t have it yet.

31. Personalized Bobblehead – Because having their own bobblehead will make them laugh for sure.

32. DIY Cheese Kit – I mean, who doesn’t love cheese?

33. Personalized Mixtape Doormat – Let them greet visitors with a blast from their musical past.

34. Cloud 9 Living Experiences – Do they really need more stuff? How about gifting a unique experience instead?

35. A Tidying up Session with Marie Kondo – Heck, even if they already have everything they might need a hand in tidying it up!

So, there you have it: 35 imaginably unique and surprising gift suggestions. Whether they laugh, cry, or look at you in sheer wonder when they unwrap your gift, remember, it’s the thought that counts. And, the thought of them not existing on the same plane as a DIY cheese kit or a personalized bobblehead until now, it’s pretty funny when you think about it!