The Herbivore’s Delight: Unveiling the Vegan-tastic World of Gift-giving


Hey there, friend! If you’re reading this, you’re either a vegan, know a vegan, or you lost a bet. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. As a vegan myself, I’ve spent many holidays opening. a bottle of shampoo from my grandma who meant well but didn’t quite get the whole “vegan” thing. I could make a living off re-gifting egg-based recipe books. So, here’s my PSA to everyone: shopping for a vegan goes beyond the diet. It’s also about supporting cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices. Alright, enough with my world change speech, let’s get to the fun stuff: gift giving!

There’s no need to be the butt of vegan jokes this year. I’ve compiled a definitive list containing 35 fantastic gifts suitable and impressive for your favorite vegan. The guy who thinks bacon doesn’t grow on trees (spoiler alert: absolutely doesn’t), the newly turned-vegan college kid…or simply, yourself. And hey, tell grandma that vegan chocolate exists.

Whether they’re a foodie, a fashion lover, a beauty product connoisseur, or an advocate for a more sustainable world, there’s something in here for every vegan in your life. Guacamole isn’t extra today, the bad jokes are. So keep reading, and let’s make sure your gift doesn’t end up in the re-gift pile this year.

1. Vegan Rob’s Snacks: Vegan Rob’s plant-based snacks are a savory surprise for any vegan’s palate. Plus, their Brussels Sprout Puffs look otherworldly enough to convince anyone that greens are the new Cheetos.

2. Vegan Wine: Not all wine is vegan – shocker! has an extensive list of wines that haven’t been processed with animal products. Hello, vegan happy hour!

3. “How Not to Die” Cookbook: No one wants to unwrap a morbidly titled book, but this gem is filled with plant-based recipes that are both tasty and nutritious.

4. Matt & Nat Vegan Leather Bag: Matt & Nat stands for Material & Nature. The brand focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly AND chic fashion. A sure-fire win for the vegan fashionista.

5. Vegan Apparel from BeetxBeet: A t-shirt or hoodie with a catchy vegan phrase? Count me in! BeetxBeet also donates a portion of its profits to animal advocacy.

6. Vegan Supply Gift Card: For the choosy vegan, nothing beats a gift card to Vegan Supply where they can pick their own vegan treat.

7. Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese: Fancy cheeses aren’t off the table for vegans. Innovative companies like Miyoko’s make delicious dairy-free varieties that would fool even the most seasoned gouda connoisseur.

8. Booja Booja Vegan Truffles: Forget Hershey’s or Lindt, these handcrafted vegan truffles are decadent morsels of cruelty-free yumminess.

9. Vegan Candle from P.F. Candle Co: These candles, made from 100% soy wax, deliver a cozy ambiance and a smell that’s to die for.

10. Herb Garden Starter Kit: An indoor herb garden allows your vegan friend to spice up their meals.

11. Avocado Huggers: What’s cuter than an avocado snug in a silicone hugger? Give the gift of never having brown avocados again!

12. Sustainable cookware by Our Place: Made by artisans and ethically sourced – our planet says thank you!

13. Vegan Baking Mixes: For the vegan baker in your life, a quick and easy mix for cookies or brownies that are vegan-friendly is such a treat.

14. Vegan Beauty Products from Lush: Lush offers a wide array of vegan bath bombs, lotions, and makeup.

15. Veja Vegan Shoes: Let your vegan friend strut in style without guilt with Veja’s eco-friendly and cruelty-free shoes.

16. Plant-Based Cooking Class: Unleash your friend’s inner vegan Gordon Ramsay with cooking classes from Purple Carrot.

17. Vegan Subscription Box: It’s a monthly surprise of vegan goodies from companies like UrthBox or Vegancuts.

18. Vegan Jerky: Who said jerky was for carnivores? Louisville Vegan Jerky Co has five flavors that would satisfy any vegan jerky lover.

19. Vegan Wine Club: Dry Farm Wines offers a monthly vegan wine club. The vegan who has everything surely doesn’t have this!

20. Vegan Body Care Set from The Body Shop: The Body Shop is known for its cruelty-free formulas and this lush set is perfect for a pamper-loving vegan.

21. VegNews Magazine Subscription: A vegan’s guide to living, news, and trends – all rolled into one magazine.

22. Vegan Cruelty-free Perfume: Brands like Eden Perfumes offer a fine selection of vegan scents.

23. Dr. Martens Vegan Leather Boots: Fashion-forward, rebellious, and 100% vegan.

24. Vegan Yoga Mat: Give the gift of Zen with a cruelty-free yoga mat. Manduka’s natural rubber mats are a perfect choice.

25. Vegan Chocolate Kit: Raw chocolate is vegan and a kit such as the one from Indigo Herbs can help you make your own.

26. Spiralizer: For making vegetable noodles and encouraging the recipient to get creative with their veggies.

27. Vegan Protein Powder: Incorporating enough protein can be challenging for vegans. Vega’s plant-based protein powder is a great tasting solution!

28. The Homemade Vegan Pantry Cookbook: Another cookbook? Yes! Filled with recipes for cooking essentials all made vegan.

29. Beyond Meat Starter Pack: For the grill master in your life, Beyond Meat’s plant-based selection is unbeatable.

30. A Ceramic Matcha Set: For a cool, calm, collected vegan, a beautiful ceremonial matcha set never goes to waste.

31. Vegan Cooking Classes from Spork Foods: What better way to learn vegan cooking than from the vegan sisters at Spork Foods?

32. Vegan Documentary Collection: A collection of vegan documentaries like “What the Health” or “Cowspiracy” is a thoughtful gift.

33. Chocolate-Hazelnut Vegan Spread: Think Nutella, only better, because it’s vegan. Filippo Io makes an excellent one.

34. Votch Watch: Luxury watch brand Votch offers a range of cruelty-free and vegan watches that aren’t just stylish, but also ethically sourced.

35. Sjaak’s Vegan Chocolate Box: This assorted chocolate box is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day you just want to indulge your vegan sweet tooth.

So, there you go – 35 amazing gifts for that vegan in your life. Did I miss anything? Always wanted a vegan pet unicorn? Well, that’s not happening this year, sorry. Enjoy the gift giving, and remember, it’s the thought that counts… even if it’s Brussels Sprout Puffs.