Score the Perfect Birthday Gift: Unleash the Net Worth of Creative Presents for Soccer Players!

Hey there, fellow soccer enthusiast! If you’re here, then there’s a good chance you’re trying to find the perfect birthday gift for someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes soccer. And we all know how difficult it can be to buy for the sports fanatics in our lives, right? They already have every Jersey from their favorite team (home, away, and alternate), and even reveal deep knowledge about various soccer boots’ sole plate types. So, welcome to our soccer-themed gift guide, specifically designed to save the day for anyone under the ‘what on earth do I buy?’ curse.

We’ll be your very own midfield maestro, predicting the play, threading intricate through-balls, and helping you find the top corner of gift-giving excellence. With a hearty mix of traditional staples, cheeky novelties, and fresh-to-market innovations, these 35 gift ideas are certain to score with soccer enthusiasts of every stripe.

1) Soccer Ball Beer Cooler – For the soccer player who doubles as an avid beer enthusiast, a beer cooler shaped like a soccer ball is a fitting tribute to both passions. Of course, it’s limited to cans, and the American football version holds more, but it’s a gift that screams ‘Sunday League Legend’ like no other.

2) Personalized Jersey – Help them feel like part of the team with a jersey bearing their name and favorite number. It’s not the most original idea, but like a simple square pass, it’s effective.

3) Soccer Ball Waffle Iron – For the player who also loves a great breakfast, a waffle iron that makes soccer ball-shaped waffles is perfect for pre-match meals. Flip side? Now they have to make breakfast for everyone after every game night.

4) Coaching Board – For the tactician of the group, give them the gift of a portable coaching board. Like giving a Shakespearean scholar a quill and parchment, they’ll plot plays to their heart’s content.

5) Book: Inverting the Pyramid – A great read for any soccer lover; soccer strategy explained like never before. The downside is that once they read it, everybody else has to hear about it too.

6) Team Logo Door Mat – Who said we can’t bring our passion for soccer to the front door? Warning: enemy team fans may wipe their shoes extra aggressively.

7) Portable Mini-Net Set – For an impromptu backyard match or travel use, this versatile practice net is perfect. But they’ll have to set it up and tear it down each time.

8) Virtual Reality Soccer Game – Even off the pitch they can dive into the action. VR may cause some nausea though, especially if they’re playing as a defender for Arsenal.

9) Soccer Themed Cufflinks – For classy dressers with a penchant for ‘the beautiful game.’ However, it might not work well with Hawaiian shirts.

10) Subscription to a Football Magazine – Monthly soccer content delivered right to their doorstep. Bet they won’t miss the junk mail.

11) Soccer Water Bottle with Storage Compartment – Hydration with a side of practicality. Extra points if it’s team-colored.

12) Ticket to a Professional Soccer Game – There’s nothing like experiencing a live match. Unfortunately, popcorn and beer prices at the stadium are another story.

13) Portable Soccer Chair – This chair unfolds to reveal a cooler, a side table, and various storage compartments. Perfect for those long tournament days, if they don’t mind carrying around a full-size chair.

14) An Autobiography of Their Favorite Player – A compelling read, until the chapter where they transfer to a rival team.

15) Authentic Stadium Seat from Team’s Old Stadium – Provides a first-hand experience of team history. Make sure it’s sanitised, though.

16) Soccer Ball Phone Stand – It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s likely to somehow end up being kicked around.

17) GoPro Soccer Hat – For the selfie-lover, this hat lets them capture every action from their POV. Just maybe discourage them from headbutting the ball.

18) Soccer Ball Popcorn Maker – How about some popcorn while watching the big game? Cleaning the thing afterward… that’s another matter.

19) Soccer Bedding Set – Dreams of scoring goals are much more likely with this set, but waking up mistaking the pillow for a football could be a problem.

20) Stadium Blueprint Wall Art – An elegant piece of soccer artistry for the home or office. But that may be an issue if they live with a non-soccer fanatic.

Halfway through and feeling confident yet? Like a hat-trick hero at halftime, we press on to the second half of our list.

21) Soccer Ball Pendant – Go bold with a soccer-themed piece of jewelry. It might not go along with a tuxedo, though.

22) Soccer Field Cutting Board – Soccer and dinner prep combined! Cleaning those white lines though, is another story.

23) World Cup Documentary DVD – Re-live classic matches and behind-the-scenes moments. We still can’t guarantee they won’t tear up over famous upsets.

24) FIFA Video Game – Swap the real pitch for a virtual one. Although, rage-quitting after a 90th-minute loss is inevitable.

25) Personalized Soccer Ball – Great for honing skills or showcasing as a memento. Just don’t let it be lost over the neighbor’s fence.

26) Soccer Scarf – Stay warm while proudly brandishing their team’s colors and logo, even though in summer, it’s just a sweaty mess.

27) Soccer Tactics Board Game – For those rainy days when they can’t hit the field. Small parts may disappear, though.

28) Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers – A classic shoe that’s sporty yet casual. The downside is that they’re too ‘beautiful’ for actual football.

29) Performance Tracker Vest – High-tech training gear to improve their game. They might feel like Ironman, but user manuals are dull.

30) Soccer Colored Watch – They can show off their love for soccer down to the minute. Matching it with outfits might be a challenge, though.

31) Subbuteo Set – A traditional tabletop game for soccer lovers. The downside is tiny players get lost, and cats love the ‘little ball.’

32) Soccer Ball Ice-Cube Tray – Ice-cold drinks meet soccer fandom, perfect for game nights. Until they start flicking ice balls on the floor.

33) Soccer Shaped Salad Bowl – Salad never looked so sporty. Just overlook that fact that it’s… well, salad.

34) Soccer Cone Drill Set – Encourage their athletic development with this practice kit. Or it could look like they’re directing traffic in the backyard.

35) ‘I Love Soccer’ License Plate Frame – Announce their love for soccer on the road. Beware of rival fans’ honks, though.

Like a match in the pouring rain, we have come to the end. No matter who you’re shopping for, these suggestions will guide you in finding something they’ll love. Remember, it’s all about putting a smile on their face, and with these gifts, you’ll score a goal right into their hearts. Happy shopping, and may your gifting game be as good as Messi’s left foot!