The Top Picks to Make Your Uncle’s Spirits Soar: Best Gifts That’ll Leave Him ‘Uncle’ Struck!


Brothers, fathers, and husbands might get a lot of play when it comes to the gift-giving scene, but let’s not forget uncles. Uppin’ the “anti” when it comes to fun and folly, they deserve an extra touch of appreciation for their unique role in our lives. After all, who else would let you ride shotgun in their vintage Mustang at age 15 while your parents weren’t looking? So, whether your uncle is a grill master, the family jokester, an outdoor enthusiast, or a gadget geek, this diverse gift guide has something to tickle every uncle’s fancy.

So, say goodbye to generic gifts like socks and ties, (unless, of course, they’re super cool socks or ties) and get ready to surprise your favorite uncle with a present he’ll actually love this year. These 35 unique and thoughtful gift suggestions are sure to put a smile on the face of any type of uncle, from the couch potato to the adventure-seeker, and everyone in between.

1. Personalized Whiskey Decanter: If your uncle is a whiskey aficionado, gifting him a personalized whiskey decanter with his name or initial on it, adds a touch of class and sophistication to his bar. Downsides? He may love it so much, good luck prying it from his fingertips.

2. BBQ Grill Tool Set: A premium set of sturdy and durable BBQ tools is perfect for uncles who consider themselves the kings of the grill. This gift might result in more steak nights at his place, so proceed with caution if you are a vegetarian.

3. Funny Uncle Mug: On a lighter note, a humorous ceramic mug declaring him the “Best Uncle Ever” or “Funcle” (Fun + Uncle) will make him smile every morning during his caffeine ritual. The only downside is, if he has a twin, you might need to buy two!

4. Craft Beer Club Membership: A beer club membership ensures your uncle’s fridge is never empty. It avails him to a wide variety of local and international brews every month. On the downside, your family gatherings may suddenly become tasting sessions.

5. Designer Wallet: Even if he’s not the fashion-forward type, a stylish, quality leather wallet is always a welcomed gift. He might have the same crumpled dollar bill in there from 2006, but at least he’ll store it in style.

6. Custom Wooden Watch: A unique, custom-made wooden watch can be both a practical and stylish gift for your uncle who values time and nature. Beware: it may result in your uncle excessively checking the time during family gatherings.

7. Key Finder: If your uncle’s always losing his keys, a key finder can save him a lot of time and frustration. Just remind him not to lose the key finder!

8. Personalized Barbecue Branding Iron: Here’s for the uncle who takes grilling so seriously, he wants his initials on the steaks. Is it overkill? Maybe. Would he love it anyway? Absolutely.

9. High-quality Noise-cancelling Headphones: If your Uncle is a music junkie who can’t go a day without his tunes, gifting him some noise cancellations headphones is a no-brainer. Just don’t expect him to hear when you’re calling him for dinner.

10. Vintage Movie Poster: For the film buff uncle, a framed vintage poster of his favorite movie is a thoughtful and unique gift. Maybe just avoid gifting the poster of “The Godfather”.

11. Fishing Rod and Reel: If he loves to fish, a quality rod and reel will have him dreaming of his next big catch. Be prepared for more fishing stories, though.

12. Coffee Subscription: If your Uncle’s veins run with coffee, a subscription to a gourmet coffee service would keep his mornings merry and bright.

13. Travel Hammock: If your Uncle loves camping or just lounging in the backyard, a portable, lightweight travel hammock would be an ideal gift.

14. Vintage Record Player: To let him relive his glory days, consider a vintage record player. The nostalgic gift comes with the added benefit of groovy tunes at family gatherings.

15. High-quality Chef Knife: If Uncle loves to cook, a professional quality chef knife will elevate his kitchen game.

16. Personalized Whiskey Barrel: Perfect for the DIY-enthusiast uncle, who enjoys home brewing or would appreciate aging his own spirits.

17. Luxury Shaving Kit: If he likes the finer things in life, your uncle would love a luxury shaving kit. It may, however, make his Movember participation a bit of a challenge.

18. Solar-Powered Phone Charger: For the tech-loving, eco-friendly Uncle.

19. A Limited Edition Book: Either his favorite classic or a new release from his favorite author. Avid readers know there’s nothing like a special edition book to add to their collection.

20. Monogrammed Cufflinks: For your sartorially elegant Uncle who likes to keep his style sharp.

21. Custom Star Map – A unique image of the night sky from a specific date and location, your Uncle’s birthday, for instance.

22. Personalized Golf Balls – For the uncle that likes to hit the greens. Don’t blame us if his golf game doesn’t improve.

23. A Brewery Tour – For your uncle who appreciates a cold one. Just make sure he remembers to bring you along as a plus one.

24. Custom Family Portrait – Make him beam with pride every time he looks at a unique illustrated family portrait on his office desk or living room.

25. Subscription to a car magazine – For the uncle who can’t resist talking about his love for cars.

26. A Novelty Apron – For the uncle who owns the kitchen or the BBQ. Opt for a “Kiss the Cook” or something cheekier, according to his personality.

27. Professional Cocktail Shaker Set – For the uncle who loves playing the host and mixing up exotic cocktails for friends and family.

28. A Wheelbarrow Water Bag – For your gardening enthusiast uncle, this innovative tool allows him to transport water easily.

29. Concert Tickets – For your music-loving uncle, a ticket to see his favorite band could be the best gift he receives all year.

30. Drone with Camera – For the adventurous and tech-savvy Uncle who loves new gadgets.

31. An Outdoor Pizza Oven – For the amateur Italian food expert, this will take his homemade pizzas to a whole new level.

32. A Personalized Puzzle – An ideal gift for an Uncle who’s a puzzle lover – opt for a custom one featuring a picture of his favorite place or family.

33. A DIY Hot Sauce Kit – Spice it up with a complete kit for making homemade hot sauce for the Uncle who likes it hot!

34. A VR headset – For the uncle with a penchant for technology and gaming, this will keep him entertained and amazed.

35. Adopt a Vineyard – For the wine connoisseur, adopting a vineyard in his name offers a unique and unforgettable experience.


Remember, it’s not about the price tag or size of the gift, but rather the thought and effort you put into finding something that speaks to his personal interests or sense of humor. Your ultimate aim is to show your Uncle that you appreciate and value his presence in your life, and you know him well enough to pick out a gift he’ll truly enjoy. Happy gifting!