#BBNaija Reunion Day 2: Thelma Claps Back At Esther After Major Shade

Thelma Claps Back At Esther After Major Shade

Thelma Claps Back At Esther: I believe Thelma is from a descendant of choristers; for obvious reasons, she always seems to clap back.

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The Big Brother reunion is still moving, June 1st was the kick-off, with barely any drama. What is Big Brother Naija without a drama or two?

The latest from last night was this. The host, Ebuka, asked the former housemates, who they felt shouldn’t have gotten into the house.

Others were responsible and didn’t want to call a name; Esther doesn’t tap into that school of thought. She outrightly called “Thelma” out, stating she shouldn’t have gotten a place in the house.

Thelma, who won’t let a disrespect pass clapped back saying…

“she said I am not fit to be in the house because she is the one who is actually not fit to be in the house.”

Thelma’s reply sent the whole house laughing. Esther didn’t was put aback and probably staid gloomy all through. We would have no idea if she did so cause she was the only one who had her nose mask on all through!

Thelma Claps Back At Esther : A picture of Esther BBN
Esther BBNaija
Thelma Claps Back At Esther: A picture of Thelma BBN
Thelma BBNaija


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