Unicorn Voyage: Unleash the Magic with Majestic Gifts for Girls

Are you on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind unicorn themed gift for girls? Step right into the magical world of unicorns with our comprehensive gift guide. If your favorite little princess imagines rainbows and glitter wherever she goes, she’s definitely going to dig these cool unicorn pieces. Unicorns aren’t just whimsical, they are legendary and symbolize miracles, magic, and enchantment. As such, unicorn-themed gifts are a smashing hit with girls.

Unicorn gifts are not just about magic and fairy dust, but also serve as a beautiful tangible representation of the boundless creativity and imagination that children embody. For some it’s about sparking joy and for others it’s about adding a sprinkle of magic to their everyday lives and objects. Regardless of the reason, unicorn-themed gifts are adored by girls across America!

In the labyrinth of unicorn merchandise, picking the right gift can be an uphill task. Fret not, for we have compiled a list of 35 unique unicorn gifts for girls, each with a delightful dash of magic and awe. Brace yourselves, because we are about to gallop into the prismatic world of unicorns!

1. Unicorn Night Light: This mystical orb casts a soft glow making it an ideal night light. It cycles through a variety of gentle colors, and the soft illumination reassures your little one during the night. One minor downside is that it’s not quite bright enough for bedtime reading.

2. Unicorn Slippers: Cozy and comfortable, these plush unicorn slippers are perfect for little feet. She will love prancing around the house in them. These slippers are warm and fuzzy, but they unfortunately don’t offer the best arch support.

3. Unicorn Hoodie with 3D Horn: A hoodie that’s just as magical as it is warm. The horn on the hood adds a whimsical touch, like she’s a unicorn-in-disguise. It runs slightly big, so consider sizing down.

4. Unicorn Jewelry Box: This box is adorned with magical beings and can accommodate earrings, rings, and other baubles. The only limitation is its compact size, it doesn’t hold as much as a standard size jewelry box.

5. A Set Of Unicorn Story Books: Given the current American culture of endorsing reading habits among kids, why not let her dive into magical stories featuring her favorite creature? Nourish her love for unicorns with this set of books! However, keep in mind that some of the books might contain complex words for younger readers.

6. Unicorn-themed Baking Set: This one’s for the little bakers out there! Decorated with unicorn theme, this baking set is guaranteed to make baking a magical experience. Disclaimer: it doesn’t guarantee the cake will taste magically delicious.

7. Unicorn Backpack: With this backpack, she can carry her unicorn love to school. It’s stylish, durable, and roomy enough for school essentials. The only caveat is the lack of a bottle holder on the outside.

8. Unicorn Makeup Kit: This kit contains unicorn-themed brushes, lipstick, nail polish, and more. Bonus: it’s kid-friendly and non-toxic. Yet, parents have to watch over their younger girls as the tiny pieces can be a choking hazard.

9. Unicorn Pool Float: This summer, let her float in style in the pool. The large unicorn float ensures she has plenty of room to lounge. It does require a lot of breath to inflate, unless you have an air pump.

10. Unicorn Water Bottle: Hydration never looked so magical. A unicorn-themed water bottle can add an extra dollop of fun to drinking water. It would have been perfect if the lid were easier for the young ones to open.

11. Unicorn Pyjama Set: Comfy and cute, these PJs are sure to be a hit at any slumber party. They are exceptionally fluffy, hence might not be suitable in hot weather.

12. Unicorn Jewelry Making Kit: With this kit, she can design her own unicorn-themed jewelry. It boosts creativity and fine motor skills, although it can be quite messy.

13. Unicorn Ice-Cream Maker: Let her make her own ice cream with this fun and easy-to-use ice cream maker. Do remember, adult supervision is required at all times.

14. Unicorn Lego Set: This intricate set lets her build her very own unicorn. It’s a great, creative way to pass time, though it involves tiny pieces, and hence isn’t suitable for girls under 4.

15. Unicorn Magic Reveal Sequin Pillow: An interactive decoration for her bedroom. She’ll be amazed at how the sequins flip to show a different color. The only downside is the sequins might be a bit rough to sleep on.

15. Unicorn Beanie: This beanie is embroidered with a cute unicorn and features a sparkling horn. It’ll keep her warm and stylish when the temperatures drop. Be careful, it does shrink with washing.

16. Unicorn Alarm Clock: This delightful alarm clock will ensure she gets up in a magical mood. Its loud alarm might be too jarring for some though.

17. Unicorn Stuffed Animal. A magical and soft companion for bedtime. One caveat, the fur sheds a bit initially.

18. Unicorn-themed Hair Accessories: Adorable headbands, clips and more all featuring unicorns. A perfect piece to add magic to her hairstyles. It wouldn’t hurt if they were a bit more durable though.

19. Unicorn Onesie: Who wouldn’t love to become a unicorn? With this onesie, she can transform into one! Just beware, it might be a fight to get her to wear anything else.

20. Unicorn Coloring Set: This set lets her indulge in her artistic expression with a unicorn theme. However, it may require constant parental guidance due to small parts.

21. Unicorn-themed Crafts Set: This kit comes with unicorn-themed crafts like paint by numbers, clay modeling, and more. It might require adult help for some of the crafts though.

22. Unicorn Popper Toy: This fun unicorn toy can shoot foam balls. Great for indoor fun, but make sure to keep breakable items out of fire range!

23. Unicorn-themed Clothing Set: Nothing says ‘unicorn lover’ like a delightful clothing set featuring unicorns. Depending on where you live, its light material might not be suitable for winter.

24. Unicorn-themed Art Set: For the budding artists, this unicorn-themed art set brings out their creative genius. Though parents beware, there may be accidental paint splotches on your favorite carpet.

25. Unicorn Tea Set: This adorable tea set is perfect for pretend tea parties. Surprisingly, the porcelain set is not childproof and can break easily.

26. Unicorn Ride-On Toy: She can feel like she’s riding a real unicorn with this toy. The downside is that it requires a good amount of floor space.

27. Unicorn Doll: A beautiful unicorn doll that she can dress up and style. The hair can be a bit challenging to manage though.

28. Unicorn-themed Lunch Bag: Lunches will feel magical with this unicorn lunch bag. It could use a bit more insulation to keep the food warm though.

29. Unicorn DVD: Now she can watch movies featuring her favorite mystical creature. Make sure the movie is age appropriate though.

30. Unicorn-themed Bedding Set: It’s a dream come true! Sleeping on a bed of unicorns isn’t something anyone would pass up, however regular washing might fade the colors.

31. Unicorn Wall Stickers: These are a charming addition to a unicorn-themed bedroom. However, removing them might peel off some paint.

32. Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorn Ceiling Stickers: This fantastic set turns any room into a magical unicorn den. Although they do lose their luminosity over time.

33. Unicorn Puzzle: A unicorn-themed puzzle that can provide hours of fun. Just watch out for missing pieces!

34. Unicorn Shower Set: This set features unicorn-themed soap, shower gel, and shampoos. Great for making bath times enjoyable, just make sure to test for any potential allergic reactions!

35. Unicorn Themed Board Game: Games are a great way to spend family time. This unique unicorn game is fun and educational, the rules might be a bit complex for the younger ones though.

Remember, whatever gift you choose, it’s the thought and love behind it that counts. This list is your one-stop solution to the unicorn shopping extravaganza! After all, everyone needs a little bit of magic in their lives.